Meet Duck Darley. 

Meet Duck Darley, former rich kid, felon, and swimmer, who now works the shadows of New York City's gilded streets. Together with his partner, dominatrix Cassandra Kimball, Duck has become a sought-after 'finder' for wealthy Manhattan families in need of assistance with their darkest secrets.  

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“Pointed and polished… a tale that would make Hammett or Chandler proud. The Tower of Songs is hard-boiled crime writing par excellence cut from the cloth of Lawrence Block, Andrew Vachss, with just a touch of Walter Mosely tossed in for good measure. Superb in all respects.” - The Providence Journal

“This one has sleeper-hit written all over it. Fast-paced and well-plotted, Barrett’s thriller is one of the most underrated books set to come out this month.” - The Real Book Spy

“A voice right out of hard-boiled classic noir, complete with existential ruminations on his self-destructive nature.” - Publishers Weekly

“Chilling… an adventure spaced around disquisitions on the decline of civilization (especially the American part), the miseries and pleasures of alcohol and oxy addiction, and the otherworldliness of the superrich.” - Booklist

"Here be the beginnings of a superb series. A novel that sparkles with wit, sass, and wonderful narrative style. Charles Willeford is rarely mentioned much these days yet his Hoke Moseley series is among the true classics of the genre. Casey is the rightful heir." 
— Ken Bruen, author of the Jack Taylor series

"It does for competitive swimming what Megan Abbott did for gymnastics, exposing the poison at the heart of a coach's and a family's need to win." 
— New York Times bestselling author Andrew Gross

"A sordid tale of murder and sport. It should be mandatory reading for all thriller aficionados.”
— New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry

"Casey Barrett knows the world of swimming as well as almost anyone.  But who knew it could be the source of so much suspense?"
— Bob Costas

“The city becomes a real character in the story as locales of shadowy Manhattan bars and street corners provide vivid texture and an edgy familiarity that we readily embrace. Against Nature is a well-crafted story with a strong and pleasing narrative style that deftly delivers on plot. A satisfying read, and not just for thriller aficionados.” - Booktrib

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