Welcome to Cap & Goggles, the Relaunch

Aug 2, 2015

New look, more content, same original commentary…

It’s been four years, the yardstick of time by which swimmers tend to measure themselves. I think our internal clocks will always be tuned that way, no matter how long we’ve been out of the sport. It seemed an apt time to reconsider and relaunch this blog that was first born in the wake of the 2011 World Championships in Shanghai. Another Worlds is under way in Kazan, Russia as we speak (plenty more on that in the coming days), but first a quick intro on this new site you’re looking at…

The commentary or periodic essays or whatever you’d like to call it – that will continue. Writing about swimming, getting folks excited and stirred up and passionate about our sport, that is something I’ll never stop doing. Writers have to write, no choice in the matter, it’s a compulsion that can’t be denied – without unraveling into insanity. So, in the interest of avoiding straightjackets and padded cells, that will continue.

But the hope is that this new incarnation of C&G will be much more. It will be a destination to celebrate the ‘Aquatic Arts’. Books, Art, Photography, Videos – anywhere that swimming finds artistic, creative expression. Those new sections are pretty sparse as we launch; they will fill quickly.

As for the collection of past Cap & Goggles stories, those can now be easily accessed in the Archive section – where each story has been categorized under seven headings: Swimmers, Issues, Olympics, NCAA, Junior, Drugs, and Coaching. Take a spin through the archive whenever you have a moment.

Also, a note about the sidebar: The idea is to feature a rotating theme of images. From best swimming books to photographers and artists working in the aquatic medium to swim videos and films. The first theme seemed obvious, as it’s based on the image that first inspired this blog – the surface tension shot of swimmer breaking out. To me, those photos will always capture swimming at its most aesthetic moment in time.

Finally, I want to send immense thanks to my friend and colleague, Armando Garma-Fernandez, the man responsible for this entire redesign. It was completed just as he welcomed his first child, daughter Zaia, into the world last week.

Ok, enough preamble… Back to watching Worlds! Stay tuned…